Welcome Message

Welcome to the Desert Sun Mining & Gems web site.

As you would expect, this site provides an insight into the full scope of our business activities, from the operation of our open pit mine in the rugged high desert of Eastern Oregon to the sorting and processing of our raw product and the sales and marketing of our beautiful Ponderosa Sunstones.

But that is only part of our story.

As CEO and President of Desert Sun Mining & Gems Inc., I have a responsibility to run a profitable business, and deliver value to all of the our shareholders. But I am also aware of this organization's long-term potential.

This web site describes the partnerships we are establishing, as a major player in the colored gemstone market, to help build a more robust economy that can deliver long-term social and financial benefits to our company and our retail partners.

It also illustrates the commitment we have to minimizing the impact of our operations on the environment, and to improving the safety and well-being of our workforce.

These are exciting times at Desert Sun Mining & Gems as we embark on a new chapter in the history of Oregon sunstone.

For whatever reason you may be visiting our web site - as a customer, member of the colored gemstone industry, retail partner, prospective employee, business person, an Oregon resident or tourist, or a member of the general public - I hope you will gain at least a small sense of the character of our company and our product.

I welcome your comments and feedback.

John D. Woodmark
CEO & President