Health & Safety

Producing and Protecting

Desert Sun Mining & Gems has a strong regard for environmental protection, health and safety. We conduct all of our activities in such a manner as to protect the physical environment, our employees, and the general public. We believe a "safe mine is a productive mine." The safety of employees and related personnel is based in part on individual commitment. We manage and work at all our mines under the principle that any harm to employees or property is preventable. We comply with applicable environmental and public safety laws and regulations and develop and implement a comprehensive program to ensure compliance. We are both responsible and responsive in matters relating to environmental protection, health and safety. This policy can be simply stated as: "Producing and Protecting."

Our Environmental, Health and Safety mission is simple:

The Company designs and operates all of our facilities to protect the environment and the health and safety of our employees and the general public.

The Company implements reasonable operational procedures to ensure we are effective in addressing environmental, health and safety concerns. In particular, we:

  • Conduct environmental, health and safety audits of operations and activities to ensure compliance, reduce liabilities, improve profitability and report these findings;
  • Conduct appropriate research to develop more effective methods for environmental, health and safety protection;
  • Establish accountability for all employees to exert leadership and commitment to continual improvement in environmental, health and safety awareness; and
  • Insure employee awareness of the policy and their involvement in its implementation.

We encourage and are involved in the development of reasonable environmental, heath and safety legislation and regulations, and we work cooperatively with appropriate local, state, and national regulatory agencies on matters of reporting, review and compliance.

We develop, obtain, and disseminate pertinent information to our employees through on-going training programs to alert them to environmental, health and safety trends and concerns.

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